Women join the SCA

In an exciting development for women’s cricket in Scotland, the Scottish Cricketers Association are pleased to announce that the women’s national squad have signed up to the SCA. This took place towards the end of last summer and we have been working with the women over the last few months on the direction the game is going and how we can best support them. Over the next few months we will immediately see the impact of this, as the SCA looks to enter into negotiations with Cricket Scotland with regards to the women’s Player Agreements (and men’s Player Contracts) for 2020.

Priyanaz Chatterjji

Priyanaz Chatterji, current Scotland player, has been elected to sit on the board as the women’s representative. With the recent addition of the women’s side to the SCA, Priyanaz says ‘this is a really positive step, ensuring we have more of a voice, and enabling us to take more of an active role in our future and the future of all representative cricketers in Scotland. Globally, the women’s game is making rapid strides. Anything that adds to the professionalism of the game in Scotland is to be welcomed, and the addition of Scotland’s female players to the SCA is another step in the right direction.’

SCA president Alasdair Evans added, ‘it is a really exciting time for cricket in Scotland and big development to have our international females on board with the SCA. They are on a journey towards the women’s game becoming professional, being able to support them and provide a voice for them is a big step towards that.’

(Photos by Donald MacLeod)

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