SCA believes in a strong and vibrant game in Scotland which allows all members of the Scottish national squad to build a viable and successful career in a safe, competitive and rewarding environment. SCA acknowledges the reality of where the game in Scotland finds itself today. It identifies the challenges that cricketers associated to the national team have faced and the direction that the game has taken. It therefore seeks to work with the administrators and governing body, and in support of its established Principles, in representing the views and interests of cricketers in and around the Scotland squad.

SCA’s Principles have been shaped in correlation with The Federation of International Cricketer’s Association (FICA) principles, which are based upon the insights and opinions of players from across the world game, past and present, international and domestic. SCA’s Principles cover four fundamental areas and give rise to required standards and structures, as well as ambitions, that are vital for the future success of cricket in Scotland. SCA’s Principles are fair, reasonable and aspirational. They will guide SCA’s future activity and they will act as a set of benchmarks to which SCA will seek to hold the game and its administrators accountable.


All Scottish cricketers (SCA members) have the right to collective representation at both ICC and Cricket Scotland levels. They also have their individual rights protected by fair process and the representative of their choice. All Scottish cricketers (SCA members) should have a voice and be able to contribute to decision-making in the game on matters that fundamentally or materially affect their working environment or, where applicable, terms of employment. Where this is not respected, the players retain the right to take appropriate collective action.


1.1 All players should be able to join and be represented by a well-resourced and accountable players’ association should they choose to do so

1.2 Every professional player has the right to collectively bargained terms and conditions of employment

1.3 The SCA’s relationship with its governing body should be governed by a fair agreement that, as a minimum, includes those matters on which the association shall be consulted and on which negotiation will take place

1.4 SCA should be invited to attend Cricket Scotland staff meetings and be consulted on all relevant player event arrangements

1.5 SCA should have the right to present to and engage with the Cricket Scotland at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum on matters that impact on its members


All stakeholders, employees and players in the game must act with integrity, upholding the values and traditions of cricket. External threats from doping, corruption and match fixing must be combated professionally and appropriately. The defence against threats must focus on engaging, educating and empowering all stakeholders including the players.


2.1 Comply with all requirements from Anticorruption and Security Unit (ACSU), operating centrally and coordinating operations of the ICC

2.2 Support FICA, ACSU and Cricket Scotland in their joint approach to anti-corruption

2.3 Adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics for all administrators and officials set forth by FICA  

2.4 Educate members in accordance to FICA’s global education programme developed which was developed to target all issues that affect the integrity of the game

2.5 Work with FICA, ICC and Cricket Scotland in regards to all anti-doping ICC policies

2.6 Find guidance to help the support and rehabilitation of players who have been offenders but have admitted to their wrongdoings, cooperated with authorities and sought to make amends by assisting both the fight against corruption and the education of young players.


Every Scottish cricketer has the right to pursue a career based on merit and free from any discrimination or harassment. Every cricketer has the right to work under the protection of the law in just and favourable conditions of work, including a safe and healthy working environment. Every cricketer has the right to a fair wage, fair workload, rest and leisure, privacy, workplace representation and the protection of a secure and easily enforceable contract. Every cricketer has the right not to be dismissed or suspended for arbitrary or capricious reasons. Every cricketer should have access to a fair dispute resolution process. A player should not be subject to any penalty which is disproportionate or without just cause. Every cricketer has the right to have their personal attributes (including name, image, likeness, signature, voice and biographical information) protected and his or her attributes and commercial performances should only be exploited with his or her consent.


3.1 Scottish cricketers, as with other international athletes are entitled to employee rights

3.2 Collectively bargained standard contracts of employment for all professional cricketers

3.3 Player Remuneration appropriate and fairly calculated in recognition of the players’ central role in the game’s income generation

3.4 Fair and appropriate payment to players in respect of exploitation of their player attributes and commercial performances

3.5 Formal systems of objective player appraisals aimed at keeping a player reasonably informed of the team’s future expectations and their future employment prospects in good time for them to make reasoned and timely decisions about their professional future

3.6 Independent disciplinary panels, agreed with player representatives, to determine any charges brought under agreed, reasonable and proportionate Codes of Conduct

3.7 Comprehensive and trustworthy grievance procedures and reporting provisions so players can safely raise concerns through appropriate and trusted channels

3.8 Appropriate confidentiality over private player personal data and sanctions for breaches of confidentiality

3.9 Strict confidentiality over reporting of information by players aimed at assisting the fight against corruption and sanctions for breaches of confidentiality

3.10 Independent security advice and threat assessment leading to an agreed minimum level of team and individual security tailored for each match, series or event

3.11 An agreed minimum level of travel and accommodation provision commensurate with the resources of the employer and prestige of the match, tour or event


Cricket should provide a working environment and resources for all cricketers within and around the Scottish national squad, that protect a cricketer’s welfare, health and safety, and their physical, mental and social wellbeing as well as promoting personal growth and sporting excellence. All members are entitled to expert treatment and support, when injured or incapacitated in any way, funded by the resources of the employer and the sport. All cricketers have the right to an education, to prepare to transition out of the game and to pursue life beyond cricket.  The game should formally recognise a responsibility to its players and assist in funding appropriate programmes for both whilst they are playing and to properly prepare them for their career transition.


4.1 Every international cricket event and venue should adhere to an agreed minimum level of health and safety standards including both on and off field

4.2 Every player should have access to qualified sports science and medical support staff to ensure his or her optimum physical wellbeing

4.3 Every player should have access to an adequate response to any reasonably foreseeable medical emergency while playing, training and touring

4.4 All players should be insured by their employer to an agreed minimum level against temporary or permanent disablement

4.5 Every player should be entitled to an agreed reasonable minimum time away from cricket every year

4.6 Every player’s dependants should have the reassurance of an agreed minimum level of death in service cover provided by the player’s employer

4.7 Every player should have access to confidential and professional counselling for his or her professional and personal mental health needs

4.8 Every player should have access to opportunities to further his or her education in any field to improve his or her prospects for success in life after professional cricket